About RumToYou

RumToYou was founded in 2018 by Helen Willoughby and John Mitchell. Collectively Helen and John have over 50 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. They began RumToYou as a way to bring new and innovative solutions to help the licensed trade. Luke Willoughby, with 10 years’ experience delivering digital solutions soon joined the partnership to help grow the company’s potential in the digital space.

In late 2018 Bytchmix was the first product to be developed and produced by RumToYou. Bytchmix was conceived at a typical evening in the office, watching Holby and shuffling paperwork round the desks, the team were trying to figure out how to replicate the success of cocktails in their sister companies bar.

They wanted to bring great quality cocktails to other venues without having the expense, needing the space or having the years of experience of being a mixologist. The team had great success making cocktails into a premix with easy to follow instructions, the initial procedure was crude, but was working well and selling even better in the venues that it was implemented. That’s when the idea to productize the premix solution and bring it into production so it was readily accessible for any bar or individual to easily start making professional grade cocktails.

RumToYou is constantly looking for other innovative ways to transform the licensed trade and are developing other products in line with this mantra. Watch this space!

If you would like to work with us, are interested in stocking any of our products or just want a chat please contact us at info@rumtoyou.com