Loyalty Program

To reward our customers loyalty we have created the rumtoyou loyalty program. Earn points for every pound spent within the store and redeem the discounts on your future purchases.


If you do not already have an account with us, sign up with us today and we will give you 50 points on account creation!

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You will earn loyalty points on every purchase. For every one pound (£1) spent, you will earn 5 points.

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After earning points you can redeem your points on checkout. Click the “Apply Discount” button to redeem your points. 1 point is equal to 1p.

Other ways to earn points

Other than spending to earn points, there are a few other methods you can earn points. Terms & conditions apply

Product Review

Review a product on our website. Product reviews help others to make a decision when they purchase. We will reward you with 100 points for your review of a product you have purchased.




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Facebook Review

Write us a review on our Facebook page and we will reward you with 100 points. Note if your Facebook name is different to your account name, please drop us a message so we can allocate the points correctly!




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Spread the word and earn points! Using our referral program you will be given a unique referral link. If one of your friends or family makes a purchase using your own unique referral link you will earn points!




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Terms and Conditions

  • Points can not be redeemed alongside any other coupon.
  • Points expire after 12 months
  • Points for product reviews are only given for a single product review only.
  • Points for Facebook reviews are not applied automatic and may take upto 48 hours to appear in your account. If after 48 hours the points are still not showing, please drop us a message!
  • Points for Referring a friend or family are only deposited once a purchase has been made. You will not receive any further points from the same friend/family member if they make another purchase. You will however, will earn points if a separate friend/family member makes a purchase
  • Certain products are excluded from points redemption. These are: Marie Brizard Grenadine, Mahiki Coconut Rum Liqueur – 70cl, ADMIRAL’S OLD J SPICED – 70cl, ADMIRAL’S OLD J CHERRY SPICED – 70cl, PUSSER’S BLUE LABEL BRITISH NAVY RUM – 70cl, Dead Man’s Fingers – Spiced Rum, ADMIRAL’S OLD J SILVER SPICED – 70cl, Ossett Brewery – White Rat Mini Cask (5L), Ossett Brewery – Yorkshire Blonde Mini Cask (5L) plus and add on packs to cocktails or beers.
  • There is a a maximum cap of 500 points redemption on a single product.
  • Rumtoyou reserve the right to change point system at any time without notice.